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What Is the Best HRIS?

The best HRIS, also known as HR software or human resource information system, is going to be different for each human resources department. 

It  can be surprising to see HR professionals go straight for the biggest and most well-known brands like Workday Human Capital Management Systems, UKG Pro, Sage HR, and SAP SuccessFactors without giving other HRIS software much consideration.  

Other workforce management solutions might deliver better employee experience and be a better fit overall.

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While there are not many comprehensive HRIS software options out there, the total number of vendors in the human resource software category on Software Advice is over 2000!

All of them claim to have the best HRIS, but there can be only one. In this article, we explore common questions HR professionals ask in the process of evaluating the best HRIS software for their HR department.


Here are answers to the top five questions regarding the best HR software.

1) What Makes a Great HRIS?

A great HRIS is going to have the following:

  • Affordability
  • You can pick what HR software modules you want without being forced to pay for things you don't need (more on this to come) 
  • Ultimate flexibility for a larger business.
  • Out-of-the-box functionality with recommendations for smaller businesses.
  • A good user interface for easy employee management.
  • Seamless payroll integration. 
  • Implementation of your current workflows and HR processes. 
  • Great support for your HR team.
  • New workforce management features on demand (for larger businesses).
  • Secure environment


2) What Are the Most Important HRIS Applications?

  • Core HR

The most important HRIS system application is core HR. All the employee information is stored in core HR. 

The HR team can access and modify employee records and report on the employee data. 

Direct supervisors or HR leaders can make changes to employee compensation, schedule, position, and more. Core HR in enterprise systems like Workuments is flexible enough for HR personnel to do things that cannot be done in any other system.

  • Talent Management

It's hard to find an HRIS solution without a talent management module. 

You don't need an HRIS analyst to understand that hiring is part of every business. The right employee, at the right time, and in the right place can make a huge difference in how well the company performs. 

This is why each human resource management system must have a talent management module. If the HR professional currently uses a stand alone applicant tracking system, then it's important that the HRIS can integrate with with that tracking system. An HR tool that has this module or can easily integrate with that module will simplify the hiring process, make the life of an HR manager better, and improve the employee experience.

  • Employee Onboarding

Once you used the talent management module to select and hire your perfect candidate, the human resources information system will store all the employee information entered on their application to their profile in the core HR module. 

However, the  HR process is not over yet. If your HR software has an employee onboarding module, you will be able to have a fully automated onboarding process. 

In this case, your best HRIS will have the components in the employee onboarding module that suit your HR team's needs. 

Not all employee onboarding applications allow an employee to use a native electronic signature to sign documents, fill out forms, watch videos, complete tutorials, and complete tax forms. 

As you explore different HR technology solutions that include employee onboarding, remember to look for the right features that matter to your HR team. 

Salespeople might focus on the features that are shiny but have no relevance to your current onboarding process and will not improve employee experience in any way. 

  • Time & Scheduling

Not all HR software available on the market have time tracking and scheduling. 

If your company pays hourly wages, schedules shifts, track, and reports on worked employee hours, then this application needs to be part of your best HRIS. This employee information is then transferred to payroll to properly calculate wages. 

Companies will be able to save money on workforce management by eliminating hardware for clocking in and out and moving over to an HCM software-provided app for time management and scheduling. 

  • Performance Management

Employee performance is normally measured in every company and is part of the employee management process even if an HR department has no HR software.

HRIS software can help you automate, streamline, report, and more in your performance management process. 

Your best HRIS might even need to have an enterprise feature called competencies. An HRIS system can let an employee look at and track their employee performance. This creates an additional employee engagement with your HR department.

The performance management module also improves employee satisfaction because they know what their goals are any day during the year. The best HRIS software will allow you to configure this HR process to fit your current needs. 

  • Employee Engagement

Rewards, internal employee communication, badges, personalized profiles, etc. can all be native to your HRIS. 

This is more of a nice-to-have application and many companies might already have other software applications that they are using to achieve this level of employee engagement. 

However, when HR professionals and company employees have to use  different application platforms every day, it makes tasks seem cumbersome. Things are much smoother and easier when the HR system that has employee engagement built in. Additionally, all employee data is stored in one place.

  • Benefits Administration

Your best HRIS might also need to include a benefits administration module if you provide health, dental, vision, life, or other insurance plans. 

Having this module in your HRIS system can make it easy for employees to choose the plan they want and view details about each plan right within the human resource information system. HRIS software costs might increase drastically if the benefits administration module is added separately..

  • Benefits of Having Payroll Separate

Employees like to get paid. Businesses are on the hook to make sure it happens on time. 

Payroll is a different department for  larger businesses, and most of the time HR leaders are focusing on HR management software that would have features that only the HR department is interested in. 

Vendors like Workuments, provide seamless integration with most payroll providers. Employees will never have to login into the selected Payroll system and will only interact with the HRIS.

Every pay period, HR professionals can review employee data before sending it to payroll. This review can help your business catch employee mistakes early and correct them.

Payroll data can enriched by additional custom applications, workflows, and rules before being sent to the payroll software inside a system like Workuments.


3) How Do You Choose an HRIS?

Every company wants to find the best HRIS on the market. 

It's more than just going for the biggest brand. Here are the questions you should ask yourself when choosing the best HRIS system for your company.

  • Investment in your HR system should make sense. How much is too much to pay for a human resource information system? This should be carefully discussed with human resources and other departments.
  • Smaller businesses without HR experts should look for simple HR software out of the box. For smaller business its also a plus if HR management software has payroll included.
  • Larger businesses should look for flexibility that will allow them to bring their current HR processes, workflows, rewards, structures, policies, and procedures over without any compromises. 
  • Strategic HRIS should not only solve your immediate human resource management problems but should adapt to your business needs as your company grows. 
  •  Does it have all the modules you need to solve your human resource challenges?
  • Can you speak with another HR manager who used that HR system? Always ask for references!
  • If you want to keep your current payroll, can the integration be seamless? This means the employees will never have to log in or interact with your current payroll provider. 
  • Can this HR software also become your employee experience platform? Can this HR system adapt your company's look, feel, and brand? 
  • Do you already have a benefits administration provider? Is the HR software you are evaluating capable of integrating with any benefits provider or you must use the one they have? 
  • How long will the implementation take? How soon do you want to have an HR tool in place? Implementation should NOT take longer than six  months even if you ask for custom features.
  • Do you need to measure employee performance?

4) What Is the Best HRM System?

The best HRM system for companies with over 500 employees is Workuments.

When it comes down to ultimate flexibility, vertically engineered modules, price, and support, nothing can beat Workuments.

Companies looking for an HRIS solution today do not know what they will need one or two years from now. Workuments can configure and add new features as needed. 

Workuments molds the HR software tomatch your business process needs. 

Where is the catch? It's only for companies that have over 500 employees. 

How about companies that have less than 500 employees? 

The best HRM system for companies with under 500 employees is Rippling.

Rippling is hands-on the best out-of-the-box HRM system for companies with fewer  than 500 employees. 

Payroll, benefits administration, and all other standard modules are native to this HR system. Up to 500  ready-made integrations to popular platforms will make it easy for you to connect this HRIS with your favorite tools.



The best HRIS will evolve with you, be flexible enough to adapt to the changing human resource needs, make RIO sense, and bring joy to your employees. Workuments is the best HRIS for companies with over 500 employees.

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